Best Smart Bulb to Buy in 2021

Do you looking for Best and beautiful smart led bulb for your home at budget range then just read the full article here we will share the Top 5 Smart Bulb to Buy in 2021

Smart led bulb is a really cool and simple gadget that makes our room look beautiful by changing light colors, themes, wireless connectivity, and more.

Top 5 Smart Bulb to Buy in 2021

1) Sengled Smart Light Bulbs

This is one of the top-rated products on amazon because of its amazing features, quality, and affordable price. Sengled smart led bulb comes with Bluetooth connectivity, multi-color feature, high CRI, high brightness, 9w, and 800LM.

Sengled Smart Ligh also works with Amazon Alexa. so if you looking for your best budget smart blud then you can check out this product from amazon.

2) SYLVANIA Wifi LED Smart Light

Sylvania led smart light is a super budget smart bulb where you get a pack of 4 smart bulbs at a very affordable price. this is a very advance and high-quality bulb with 60w equivalent high color, wireless feature ad compitable with google home and amazon Alexa.

If you need a super budget product then Sylvania smart led is the perfect choice for you.

3) New Kasa Smart Bulb

Kasa has recently launched their new Kasa Smart Bulb light in February 2021 with cool features like multi-color, auto white, wireless remote control by android, IOS application, and easy to run by Alexa, google voice assistance feature.

This product has a $15 cost with full features also, the build quality of this product pretty good. so you choose this product.

4) Kasa Smart Bulb

Kasa also has a very budget-friendly high quality product with 850 Lumens, 9.5 watts power with a more bright light at the very budget range of only $10.

If you looking for a high-quality product but your budget is low then Kasa Smart Bulb really good option for you. this product provides lots of amazing features with good quality.

5) Philips Hue Smart Bulb

If you need a branded product from a popular and reputed brand then Philips smart led is the right choice for you. Philips Hue Smart Bulb has Bluetooth and Zigbee compatible features. so you can easily run this smart bulb with Alexa, google assistance.

Also, this bulb has 3 years of warranty but Philips claims you can use this product for 22 year. so we can say it is a log time smart bulb

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